Toy Factory Surfboards official surfboard partner for The Wave Bristol.

The Wave and Toy Factory Surfboards Announce Partnership

The Wave has officially announced a partnership with Toy Factory Surfboards, which

will produce boards for its surfing lake in Bristol. The Cornwall based board maker will

be using its expertise to develop boards tailored to the Wavegarden® wave, as well as

working with The Wave team to improve the environmental credentials of surfboard


The Wave will use cutting edge technology to generate perfect surfing waves on a lake,

for both experienced surfers and beginners alike. The site in Bristol received planning

approval in June and aims to open its doors in 2015.

The Wave Founder, Nick Hounsfield, said: “It is really important that we support the

UK surf industry wherever possible and especially those brands that are innovative

and exciting. Toy Factory Surfboards knows all about making boards for people of all

abilities and importantly is also looking to improve the environmental credentials of

its manufacturing process. It’s a company with a similar ethos to us and we are really

excited about this partnership.”

Toy Factory owner, Luke Hart, is passionate about UK surfboard manufacture and is on

a personal mission to counter the influx of the mass produced, cheap import boards

that are aimed at the beginner market.

Luke Hart explains: “The majority of the beginner boards in this country are cheaply

made pop-outs from China. We want to give beginners and intermediates the chance

to have a similar priced board, but which has been designed with their needs in mind

and is as low impact environmentally as possible. We use our team and our own

personal experiences as surfers to come up with shapes and designs that allow a

beginner or intermediate surfer to paddle easily and to catch loads of waves, but also

as they progress it lets them do turns and manoeuvres, not just stand and go straight.

“We were also conscious of the carbon footprint of boards being flown from China to

be surfed in UK waters. Our surfboards, are designed, shaped, glassed and finished in

our factory in Cornwall. Although no surfboard is perfect environmentally, we want

to create boards that are as low impact as they possibly can be and we are constantly

looking at ways to improve what we are doing.”

The team at Toy Factory is already working on developing the perfect board for people

coming to surf The Wave. Once the design phase has been completed its team riders,

including UK Pro tour champion Alan Stokes who is also a project ambassador for The

Wave, will test out the board prototypes.

Luke adds: “The Wave will offer an amazing opportunity for us as surfers and surfboard

manufactures to be able to really test the boards in a consistent environment. The

ocean is always different so the variables always change, which makes designing

surfboards a tricky process. We can’t wait to take the first batch of boards to The

Wave and get them in the water!”

The Wave aims to open in Bristol in 2015. The intention is to encourage people of

all ages, all backgrounds and all abilities to be outdoors, have fun and get in touch

with nature. It will be set in beautiful botanic gardens and will also include a high

performance surfing centre, restaurant/café, a natural swimming pool, education

centre and much more. To find out more visit