Toy Factory Surfboards top picks on mid length surfboards

Toy Factory Surfboards top picks on mid length surfboards

Toy Factory Surfboards top picks on mid length surfboards

Numero Uno – The Timepiece by Fourth Surfboards

The Timepiece – by Fourth Surfboards. A sick mid length that will have you shredding in the small stuff and by trimming your nut off when the waves get good. A bladey mid length very much inspired by the cali mid length design boards, thin rails, pulled in the thumb tail and a bit more volume in the middle of the board. This all means it will paddle well, turn easy and feel amazing through a turn. Surfed as a single fin or a 2+1 its a very versatile board great from 1ft – 4ft waves. Click the board to design your own timepiece on our custom board builder.

2) The mini nose rider by J Leon

J Leon custom. Second hand Surfboards

The mini long by J leon shapes. This is another really fun very versatile mid length. A bit wider than the timepiece and a fuller in the rail. A great board for intermediate surfer looking to improve and drop some size but keep stability and and float. With the wide nose you can play around with a bit of cross stepping to keep those smaller days a bit more interesting.

3) Custom shape by Art of Trim Surfboards

custom art of trim. Surfboard sale

A custom one off shape by Art Of Trim Surfboards. This is a bit of a mix of the two previous boards. Thinner rails than the J Leon mixed with a wider nose and squash tail. Set up as a thruster rather than a 2+1 or a single fin this board will be easy to turn and control.

A great board for someone looking for a summer small wave mid length to keep surfing when the waves aren’t that great but your still desperate to get in.

4) Another custom by Art of Trim Surfboards

Custom Art of Trim Surfboard

This is a beauty of a surfboard. A custom by AOT, its almost what you might call a magic carpet or egg but still ticks the mid length box. An amazing looking board, that still performs as good as the others. Similar in design as the J Leon with a wider tail this board is built for speed and flow. Great in 1ft-3ft +.

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