UK Surfboards

UK Surfboards

UK Surfboards. We are passionate about UK Surfboards. We are at our heart a UK Surfboard brand. Our longest running brand Fourth Surfboards has become the best selling UK surfboard brand and rivals the imported brands for the top brand sold in the UK.

We are passionate about creating quality made surfboards that stand up to any other boards made around the world. To do this we do two things, source the best materials and employee the best craftsmen.

UK Shaper  – Luke Hart


Combining these two things help us to create the best surfboards we can. We want to be proud surfboards made in the UK not ashamed to say we are UK surfboard factory.

We have had many worldwide brands visit our factory in Newquay and have had many amazing compliments from these top brands allowing us to be confident in our approach.

So if you want to buy UK Surfboards confident in the knowledge you are getting a quality product made in the best way by the best people come and see us at Toy Factory Surfboards.

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Twin fin by Fourth Surfboards