We’re going surfing in a pond.

Next week we are off to do some board testing in a certain lake in spain you all know the one, and my oh my are we excited.

It’s not every day you get to go and try out something new, something very few people have been able to do and something that is set to a bit of game changer in the surfing world.

As you may have read we are going to be making the surfboards for The Wave set to open in Bristol in 2015. Now, to do this properly we of course must go and surf said wave to see what boards work and how we can make surfboards that are best suited to this new wave. Obviously it will be very hard work that no one will enjoy 🙂

Luke Hart owner and chief tea maker at Toy Factory Surfboards as well as head shaper for Fourth Surfboard along with Lee Bartlett are heading out with some of The Wave ambassadors to put a variety of boards through some rigours testing.

The idea being that we can then create the first ever board specifically designed for The Wave set to open in Bristol. These boards will then be available at the Bristol site when it opens. Cool huh!

We want to go and work out, if a shorter or wider board works best, if a board with more rocker holds more, if a high tail rocker makes a difference, what concaves seem to work better and so on.

It’s not just going to be from a pro’s point of view either. Myself and Luke are what you would call Intermediate surfers (we aint that good) but we love surfing.

We will be able to see what surfers like us would be best of surfing, we can then translate that into a board of an intermediate surfer at the wave.

We are taking a good quiver over with us to make sure we have a bunch of info to come back with to design the right board. We’re taking Doofers, Hartichoke, T.O.A.D’s, Prototypes, mid lenghts, Shiv’s, 5’5  up t0 6’6 and everything in between.

We’ve also got quad set ups, thrusters, bigger fins, smaller fins, single fins and no fins.

All to get as much info as we can about surfboard design for this new wave. Obviously we will be making a video so you guys can see what we got up to.

To get a bunch more info on The Wave due to open in Bristol go check out their site. The Wave

Coming soon………..