We’ve got your summer surfing covered

We’ve got your summer surfing covered

Summer surfing, small waves, sunshine and good times. We’ve got you covered this summer here at Toy Factory Surfboards. Here’s our top picks for boards and accessories that will have you shredding the summer conditions and looking back on the summer of 2016 like it was the summer of 69 (which apparently according to Bon Jovi was a good one)



The Timepiece by Fourth is the perfect summer steed.

The most important summer essential is a small wave board. The likely hood is that summer waves will be small and weak so you need a board to deal with those conditions. The Timepiece offers this in abundance. Think of it as a mid length not a mini mal, this is because the Timpiece is a much more maneuverable and responsive than a standard mini mal. This board will allow you to turn and trim with ease and if you want throw the odd cheater 5 in the mix were sure it will oblige.


Not only does the Timepiece shred in the summer conditions it looks the nuts as well. This one has a cut lap blue resin tint with a gloss polish finish. Ooooo suits you sir!

Not into bigger boards?

If your not into the cruiser style boards because you still want to bash some lips and punt to the sky in summer. Then look no further.

Burger Fish

The Burger fish the board for you. The Burger fish combines small wave volume with performance outline and concaves to create a board that will glide through fat sections then allow for maximum performance when needed. This is for those performance guys and girls who love to throw it around even in the smallest conditions. We love this board and can vouch for the fact it fly’s in lots of conditions from knee high to head high your going to have fun surfing this board.

Get a grip, son!

john john

The Astrodeck tail pad is back, it never went away. But now it’s really back. The deck grip of the pro’s is in stock now and looking as rad as ever. Higher kick means more chance of landing that air reverse, and more to push against for those big hacks we all love to do. Astrodeck pads will make you surf like John John and Kolohe. Well that’s what we have been told.

Keep that thing, on a leash!

FCS 6ft leash yellow

A 6ft competition leash will keep your new whip attached but not create as much drag as a standard thicker leash. You may think your not at a level where this would matter but having a lighter leash in small conditions will reduce drag increasing speed.

Give it a rub!

sex wax cool

Yep it’s warmer, there for its time for warmer water wax. De skin the old steed and give it a fresh wax job not only will you have more grip it will make your board feel a bit fresher.

Pretty fly for a surf guy!

TF Grey

The Toy Factory clothing range will keep you looking cool as a cucumber this summer. 99% cotton 100% rad.

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