Why the shank by Fourth Surfboards should be your next surfboard

Why the shank by Fourth Surfboards should be your next surfboard….



The Shank, is the new model by Fourth Surfboards shaper Lee Bartlett. It’s a board Fourth say is the best board they have ever done the team. But how does that translate into us non pro surfers (I’m no pro surfer, thats for sure)

Well, I have a shank. I have been surfing it since December and here’s my average surfer revue of the shank by Fourth Surfboards.

First up, Paddle – The Shank paddles really well for a shortboard. I think that’s the first point i want to make. Although the shank is in essence a shortboard it doesn’t feel or surf like one. Yes, it allows you to be progressive and come up into the lip very easily, it goes amazing in bigger hollow waves but its NOT hard to surf and goes really well in smaller conditions.

As I said i’m no pro, but I want to be able to go out catch a ton of waves and throw in a few turns when the opportunity arrives. The shank allows me to do that.

It picks up speed very easily in small and larger surf, the deep single through the whole board helps gain speed from the moment your up to your feet. The narrower nose may look a bit progressive, especially if your used to a really rounded nose board. But don’t be scared it allows for more progressive turns. You can come hard off a bottom turn and head for the lip without the fear of bogging a rail.

The shank

Pic by Dan Sedwick.

The swallow allows for great drive as well as release. It took me a few surfs to test how far you can push the tail before it slides but once you figure that out its so much fun to play with. The board as a whole has surprised me in what conditions I can surf it in. I’ve surfed it in small, waist high fat waves and its been fun I’ve also used it in 4ft +  Fistral  at low tide and its gone equally as well. I would say it’s more of an all rounder than a shortboard, it allows for progression but isn’t just about airs and vertical turns. For me it’s allowed me to push my surfing while still keeping the volume there to rescue me when inevitably make a kooky mistake.

In essence don’t think that because the pro team love it, its only for pro surfers. Anyone who can get up, trim along and throw a cut back in here and there will love the shank.  Equally if you shred and want something that will allow you to so exactly what you want when you want it, the Shank is the best option.

Head to www.fourthsurfboarfs.com for more info and to get yourself a shank now…………….