Will there be waves for Newquay Boardmasters 2014?

Will there be waves for Newquay Boardmasters 2014?


Before we start we should say we are not a forecasting site nor do we pretend to be. This is a forecast taken from the epic lads at magicseaweed.com and we are just guessing what may happen.

But as local guys to Fistral we have a rough ideas of whats going on and we can certainly chuck in our 2 pence and give you a rough idea of what could go down.

After our predictions the other day and our plea for waves for Boardmasters 2014 it seems we have a bit of hope on the horizon.

When we say a bit of hope it really is that.

Wed – Looking like a smallish swell maxing at 1.8ft at 7 sec with a strong S wind. This will mean a small waist high wave at Fistral that will be clean but tricky to surf with that strong off shore. Mid tide seems to have the best banks at the moment with low a close out and high a big deep hole as the beach has got very steep.

Thursday 7th – Pick up in swell, to 2.5ft at 8 sec bigger in the morning. Bit of SW in the this swell which will mean that it may not be as big as predicted but will be an improvement on Wednesday. The wind does NW which is never great at North Fistral, may bring some airs into play. The lefts tend to be a bit better on a bit of SW swell so the goofy guys might benefit, and there a prominent left hander just south of the main peak at North.

Friday – 2ft – 7sec  – W swell with very light on shore wind. Could be fun waves this day. As we said before low to mid will have the best waves with the later rounds going in Friday this day will have some fun surf for everyone to show their stuff in.

Saturday – Very early reports look small and windy. But its a long way off yet so this can all change. Cant see Sunday as of yet but fingers crossed for some swell on finals day.

As we said just our take on MSW report so head over to the experts and keep and eye what the surf will be like

Let hope for a few of these. Not looking likely but we can all live in hope