Winter boards : Time for a new board

Winter boards : Time for a new board

The inevitable has happened. Summer has turned into Autumn and Winter. It was great while it lasted, Autumn was one of the best in memory and now its time to start thinking about the next 6 months of cold, dark, wet and windy conditions. It’s not all bad, you get to buy new boards.

Another perfect one

In the grand scheme of things we should all look forward to winter. More swell, more consistent and more spots to choose from and Christmas is bang in the middle.  So what about boards, what should you be thinking when it comes to a perfect winter quiver. Well here’s our picks.

First 5 top tips

  1. Think weight, you will weigh about 3-4kg more in a wet winter suit. So if your board feels a bit under volume and small now with all the extra weight it will feel way too small.
  2. Hopefully we get a winter of pumping surf and offshore winds, time for barrels and man hacks. A bit of extra rail length will help in winter conditions if your on a 5’10 as standard a 6’0 – 6’2 winter step up is a good option.
  3. Constructions. Heavy waves means more chance of breaking boards. So have a think about new construction methods. Epoxy, carbon, added glass and so on. New constructions are getting better and better so why not make a board last.
  4. Shape. Chances are your 5’8 fish 22 x 2 3/4 isn’t going to go well in 6ft hollow kegs, unless your rasta and can ride anything with fins or even without. A good all round/shortboard/step up is more where you want to land.
  5. Keep fit. It’s all too easy to sit back, put your feet up, open the tin of roses and let that belly grow. If you do that, then don’t expect to shred like you did mid august when you surfed every night and spent all weekend on the beach it aint going to happen my man. Do what you can to keep fit that will make sure your boards still feel good and you don’t end up hating surfing and wishing winter away.

Our Winter board picks by Fourth Surfboards and J Leon Shapes

Shank 2016

The Shank by Fourth Surfboards – Speed, drive, mobility and flare.  From small to good waves, the Shank is one of the best all-round shortboard models we have ever done. The team are frothing on it!

Doofer 2016

The Doofer by Fourth Surfboards – The Doofer is anything you want it to be. From mush to solid waves it is the ultimate all-rounder when you want to catch as many waves as possible and have a bunch of fun. We have tested this board at one foot Fistral all the way to 6ft Thurso and it really is a one board quiver!


The Charge – By Fourth Surfboards – Bigger wave surfing is all about the right line and controlling your speed. The new charge will help maximise this ethos, while at the same time, making sure you get into the wave when you want/need to.

Naughty Bird

Naughty Bird by J Leon Shapes – Hight performance surfing with added width for ease of paddle and added rubber float. This board will go great on the good days but will also see you right when its a bit fat.